Walkgrove's Fundamentals range is made up of twenty new bite-size, generic, multi-device e-learning courses which put the fun back into learning.

Instructional Design is the foundation of any learning solution and is one of our core capabilities. It's fundamental that we get to know the learner; tell a story that is real and meaningful to them, challenges them, makes them think, reflect and learn. Then we think about how we can use technology and other learning interventions to make this happen.

Many of our projects deal with complex topics and/or concepts that other mainstream providers find difficult to deliver through e-learning. Customers have presented us with challenges such as teaching their staff to think more creatively and strategically within the context of their roles, or understanding the complexities of bilateral diplomacy. This kind of behavioural change is difficult to achieve and requires carefully constructed learning solutions designed by specialists and often involving an intelligent mix of complementary components and interventions.

The ability to create these solutions is what differentiates Walkgrove. 

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