Driving Economically

Driving Economically
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Course Overview

Anyone can lead a meeting, but Leading a successful meeting requires more than luck! To achieve a productive and successful meetings, good preparation and planning is required. Learn how to control the flow of information in your meetings, manage your time effectively and activate full participation from attendees.

Key Learning Points:

  • Learn how to control the flow of information in your meetings
  • Learn how to encourage participation when leading a meeting
  • Learn to finish your agenda on time
  • Manage information
  • Chunk information, organise it and summarise

Course Outcomes:

  • Encourage participation, use relevant, low risk, engaging ice breakers
  • Use language positively supporting participation
  • Create an inclusive climate where people feel able to voice their opinions
  • Generate and capture ideas, opinions and facts as well as decisions and actions points
  • Manage flow, planning how to use meeting time effectively
  • Monitor progress, with purpose firmly in mind, flex and re-plan to fit
  • Close - summarise actions and decisions, get commitment

Target Audience

Managers and Team Leaders