Positive Mental Health Awareness

Positive Mental Health Awareness
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Course Overview

How many of your friends, colleagues and family do you think might be experiencing mental health problems at any one time? Without help and support, people with mental health problems can struggle at work. Depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders have been proved to affect 2/3 of us at least once in our lifetime.

This course is ideal for Managers who are committed to an environment and working conditions that promote positive mental health and well-being at work. It is also a useful reminder to anyone working with others to stay alert to potential problems and ask for help before they get too big. The cost of poor mental health to the economy as a whole is estimated at between £74 billion and £99 billion per year.

So it makes business sense to ensure that everyone is aware of signs of mental health in others and is encouraged to help others as well as be aware of their own needs. Talking about Mental Health should be easier now than in the past and this course will help make this even easier in the future.

This highly engaging and interactive elearning course covers many situations that a person who suffers from a mental health issue may experience such as telling their boss, how to try to improve their working environment and how to make the return to work easier for everyone. People suffering from mental health disorders can often face stigma and discrimination so makes sense to raise awareness within the organisation.

If you are a Manager this course will help you spot "red flags" - the signs of any mental health problems - and what you can do to support your colleagues if they are struggling to cope at work. Examples in the course include if a colleague is arriving late for work or their productivity is falling. They may be making mistakes and seem tired. By being aware of these signs  you will be able to make a positive contribution to getting the person back to full health and able to work again.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The meaning of 'mental health'
  • Some of the more common mental health conditions
  • Tips for looking after your own mental well-being
  • Supporting mental health and workplace adjustments

Target Audience

All Employees