Dare to Disagree - Creating a Feedback Culture

Dare to Disagree - Creating a Feedback Culture
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There aren’t many examples of psychologically safe feedback in Greek mythology. There was a tendency to chuck thunderbolts rather than developing growth mindsets. But you can’t afford to be so old school. You’ve got to develop a feedback culture that empowers your teams to make mistakes and learn from them. Because psychological safety isn’t about avoiding negative feedback. It’s about delivering that feedback in a way that supports your teams instead of stifling them.

Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. When you deliver feedback with that in mind, it won’t be an intimidating experience for employees. This approach makes it safer for everyone to speak up and share ideas. Understanding the importance of developing a feedback culture and how to do it will benefit individuals and teams alike.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how sharing feedback, including negative feedback, can contribute to the creation of a psychologically safe workplace for all
  • Recognise how to deliver feedback in a way that encourages employees to grow and learn

Why take this course?

Delivering feedback in a way that promotes psychological safety is crucial for leaders and team managers. It’s loads more effective than relying on the wrath of the gods. And it’ll encourage your teams to keep taking risks and sharing their ideas. This course will show you how feedback can increase psychological safety. It’ll also help you develop a feedback culture in your workplace.