Addressing Inappropriate Behaviour

Addressing Inappropriate Behaviour
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In order to set a standard of workplace behaviour, leaders need to become ‘coaches on behaviour’. This means being a role model, a proactive communicator and being committed to setting standards of behaviour in the workplace. This program emphasises how to prepare and conduct a coaching conversation on inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. Based on iHR Australia’s many years experience in training and coaching leaders on this challenging process.


  • Module 1 covers the leaders role of being a coach on behaviour;
  • Module 2 covers preparation regarding feedback on inappropriate behaviour;
  • Module 3 covers conducting a face-to-face conversation on inappropriate behaviour; and
  • Additional Resources: Information Library, Video Clips, Assessment and Activities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how important it is, as a leader, to make high standards of respectful behaviour an ongoing focus in the workplace;
  • Understand why it can be hard to have discussions with people in relation to inappropriate behaviour;
  • Be able to prepare and conduct a constructive face-toface discussion about inappropriate workplace behaviour; and
  • Understand the implications of not dealing with inappropriate behaviour.

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Program Length:

30 minutes (approximately)

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