Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
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This program is designed to give employees (including managers) and contractors a general understanding of how incidents of sexual harassment impact on Australian Workplaces. Interspersed with 3D animated stories and reinforcement exercises, this 30-minute learning experience is a must for organisations that wish to protect commercially private information that is vital for their long-term success and integrity.

As with all iHR eLearning programs, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace has been developed with the assistance of workplace experts. While the program in no way constitutes legal advice, it provides a thorough generic insight into this vital topic. Organisational specific clauses and policies can be inserted into the program.

Designed for: All employees

Program length: 30 mins (approximately)


  • Introduction provides context on the issue of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces;
  • Module 1 defines sexual harassment and provides common examples of it occurring in the workplace.
  • Module 2 familiarises uses with how to handle and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Additional Resources: Information Library, Video Clips, Assessment and Activities.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To recognise what workplace behaviour is considered inappropriate as opposed to unlawful;
  • To understand the process of a sexual harassment complaint in the workplace and the rights of individuals involved;
  • To learn about the rights and responsibilities of employees and managers in regards to workplace sexual harassment;
  • To be aware of the options available should an individual want to seek assistance following an incident of sexual harassment.


  • 1 to 50 licences
  • $33.00 AUD per licence (incl GST)
  • 12 months access per licence

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