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Food Safety - Level 2: Manufacturing

Food Safety - Level 2: Manufacturing
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Course Overview

An interactive and engaging online course on food safety level 2 for employees involved in the food manufacturing industry.

Learning Outcomes:

  • the consequences of poor food safety practice on customers and the organisation
  • an introduction to the law, key terms and definitions, and the need for compliance
  • the different types of hazards and contamination, (including allergens), high risk foods, the temperature danger zone
  • the HACCP process, due diligence, risk assessment and the need to follow safety processes
  • personal responsibility for hygiene: hand washing, illness, personal protective equipment
  • safety measures and practices from delivery to consumption: checking deliveries, storage and stock control, safe freezing, cooling, thawing, and refrigeration, controlling time and temperature
  • how to clean, disinfect, sanitise and sterilize
  • the impact of allergies and some common allergens
  • pest control and waste disposal

This course covers:


  • Food Safety Matters - Find out why food safety and hygiene is important to everyone, and what can happen when people think it doesn't matter.
  • Food Contamination - Look at what hazards there are to food safety and how you can contain the risk of food poisoning.
  • Food Safety Management Systems - The HACCP process, due diligence, risk assessment and the need to follow safety processes.
  • Taking Personal Responsibility - Learn why much of food hygiene comes down to you and how you operate in a kitchen.
  • Food Safety Practices - Look at what you have to do to prepare hot and cold food, and store it safely following stock control procedures, and describe what you have to do if food has been spoiled.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection - Cleanliness is essential to food safety and hygiene. Explore how good workflow and best practice cleaning processes help hygiene and find out how to control pests. 

Target Audience

  • Employees