Menopause Awareness

Menopause Awareness
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Course Overview

Historically, menopause has been a largely undiscussed topic due to a variety of social and cultural stigmas. However, as organisations have begun to encourage more open and supportive working cultures, it is fast becoming a topic of interest, with people keen to learn about this key stage in life.

The learner will gain a well-rounded insight into what menopause means, and common ways that individuals experiencing menopause are affected. How they can help and accommodate those people in the workplace, and ways in which organisations can promote an open culture to eradicate the common stigmas and taboo nature around the subject. 

Learning Outcomes:

This course will explore:

  • What menopause means and how it affects people 
  • What you can do to raise awareness at work
  • How to be supportive to colleagues experiencing menopause 
  • How you can help to break the stigma
  • How to promote a positive workplace culture with open discussions

Target Audience

All staff