Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace
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This program is designed to assist workers who may suffer from a mental ill health condition or those who work with a person suffering mental ill health. Key factors such as disclosure, reporting, identifying and discussing indicative behaviours are key elements to this extremely important program.

This program has been designed by iHR Australia’s consulting psychologist.


  • Module 1 covers the observable indicators of mental ill health;
  • Module 2 provides ideas regarding conversations between team members and managers about mental health condition;
  • Module 3 covers conversations between colleagues; and
  • Additional Resources: Information Library, Video Clips, Assessment and Activities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand best approaches to discussions about mental ill-health with team members and managers;
  • Understand individual rights regarding the disclosure of a mental health condition;
  • Understand how to best approach management if challenged by a mental health challenge;
  • Be in a better position to understand some indicators of mental ill health; and
  • Understand that if we are experiencing mental ill health it’s important that something positive is done about it. Likewise, it’s important to speak up if being subjected to behaviour from another person that could place your health at risk.

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Program Length:

30 Minutes (Approximately)

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